Use Cases

There will be four use cases, in order to test and implement the innovations from this project: Healthcare, Enterprise, Media and Telecom.

Five by four, is our "formula" to provide an easy to understand basic idea what VISION Cloud is all about: The five key innovations we focus on will be implemented in four use cases later in the project. 
The idea here is to demonstrate how the architecture of VISION Cloud can open new efficiencies and services based on cloud storage. Naturally, we hope that the simplified formula is just the starting point and that in the process some additional gains can be made for cloud-based storage. 
Use Cases: Who is involved and what is the goal?
Here is a quick overview of key goals early in the project. Please note that as the project moves on with research and implementation the specific outcomes of the use cases might be refocused, based on findings and insights in the development process. 
Deutsche Welle and RAI are the two partners involved in the media use case. Both companies face a challenge from digital conversion. As of December 2010 one assumption is that if clouds can speed up the workflows for Television, Radio and Online-Publishing, there will be higher adoption at lower costs. The media use case will cover digital video production, reformatting and coding as well as universal data resources for visualization and data-driven journalism. 
Multimedia smart phones offer a range of new ways to capture content - from photos to videos. Such user-generated content, combined with a wide range of mobile apps and social media currently lead to massive new storage demands in the telecom industry. VISION Cloud will test new ways to offer consumers access to cloud storage everywhere. France Telecom and Telenor will be two of the partners working in this particular use case. 
If patients, doctors, hospitals and insurances could exchange data both securely and more efficiently, there is a promise of huge cost savings all around the world. In VISION Cloud the Healthcare use case will focus on data and files exchange that where not possible in the past. Privacy of sensitive data at all time is one of the challenges that has to be solved convincingly in this particular area. Siemens will be one of the leading partners in this use case. 
Storage, access, workflows and business analytics are already a big business all around the world. Our question in the enterprise use case is how this process can become better, more agile and adaptable. In short: What would be the benefits of cloud computing beyond cost flexibility in data storage? Partners with expertise in this field include IBM, SAP and Siemens. The know-how here will be combined with academic resources from the European universities and institutes involved in VISION Cloud. 
A brief profile of all partners can be found here.

Mirko Lorenz
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